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A walk in the park…

Image via Tumblr

Went for a walk in a nearby ravine. The scene is backlit, but still, the branches in the foreground are all sickly and dull looking…

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Back on the Train (blast from the past!)

Here’s a tune I wrote back in the 80s! My partner had just moved out and this creative outlet started spouting all sorts of tunes. So… it’s young, not too sophisticated… but part of me. I might do a version with real guitar. The guitar sounds here are from VST plugins. I love to cheat! MIDI is so much more fun than stringed instruments (tho’ one guitar is a sampled Strat). As for the vocals… well, I AM rusty. Haven’t been signing much lately. And when my pipes do open up, it’s usually later at nite. So I had to speak/sing into the mic to not awaken anyone in the house. :)

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walk on

sooner or later it all gets real… walk on / Neil Young (image via Tumblr)

Another one of those “irregular” shots where I try cropping it several times. Nothing comes out right. So I just leave it. Sometimes life (and photography) works out better that way.

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EDM not!

Digital art derived from torontopubliclibrary.ca (fair dealing rationale)

Did a search for EDM… not quite what I had in mind..!


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