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my paisley shirt

my paisley shirt! – via Tumblr

I finally got a scanner that does slides. It’s opening up another door to my past. Here I must be pre- or about kindergarten age. I remember thinking that paisley shirt was kinda upper class. The pants, however, give it all away. Cords worn out from play. I think we eventually fixed the trim on the antique settee. And I guess extension cords were rare back in those days. Seem to remember it being a stretch to plug in the lamp…


the kid

the kid (via Tumblr)

This was my fav family car. A 1972 Ford Torino wagon. I didn’t get my license until our next car in 1978. So I was just posin’ here. Not sure the exact date. 13 yrs old? That would make it ’75.


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