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Sunbathing on Zeta 3

Testing out a promising new freeware program called LLMS, recently been made available for Windows. I don’t really know how to use it. And it seems to have some limitations. But I like what it does do. Or rather, what I could figure out in a few hours!


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Submarine Ascension

Last night I felt an urge to do an “underwaterscape” where a sub’s ping would be the main percussion, and the marine life would be just as audible as U-boat’s interior. The next morning, I learn that divers are exploring a German sub. One of those artistic coincidences, I guess… http://io9.com/a-sunken-nazi-sub-has-been-discovered-off-the-texas-coa-1605257102

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8 Great Things about Tour de France 2014

English: The 'Grand Depart' Le Tour De France ...

The ‘Grand Depart’ Le Tour De France Riders on the first day of racing in the parade down Northumberland Avenue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eight great things about Le Tour de France.

  1. Announcers – number one has got to be the announcers. In Toronto we hear these UK guys who sound exciting, intelligent and international. Not sure about other countries…
  2. Countryside and Architecture – nice to watch
  3. Camerawork – fantastic on and off-ground
  4. French crowd and their stylish look – Yes, the French do have a knack for style
  5. Glamorous women – kissing the podium riders on the cheek, Euro-style
  6. Riders – sorry about that, many would probably say they should be number 1. Gotta be honest here!
  7. Interesting ads – roadside, cars, stores
  8. Riders’ team outfits

Well, that’s it. A pinhead’s guide to Le Tour de France!

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On a Star (DRS Remix)

Well, here it is. A remix of a tune I posted a while back. It’s a trippy epic theme… something like Paradise Lost vs. TimeCop… includes some German language bits… (or my take on it…)

Many thanks to http://www.freesfx.co.uk/ and http://www.freesound.org/

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App Attack!

Fevertech cosmos

Fevertech cosmos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was walking down the street yesterday. A beautiful summer day. Bilious clouds and sun. More like August than July.

The teens by the local school were all staring into their smartphones. Me, I’d just spent a half hour sitting on the grass behind the library, marveling at nature’s wildflowers and berries. So the kids, with noses buried in their screens, seemed to be missing something.

Suddenly I got a funny idea for a hip hop/rap tune.

The lyrics, melody and arrangement started coming fast. But I can’t remember exactly. Here’s what I can remember, with some reconstruction. Will start working on the tune when the spirit moves me.


She walks into the store,

“Can you help me, man?

I’d like one of these

I’d like it in a can.”

He says, “Sure thing,

coming right up.”

But then all ‘a sudden,

He turns kinda green,

Just another symptom

if you know what I mean…

It’s an


funky instrumental

A grimace and a groan

He falls to the floor

making sure his phone

doesn’t smash the door…

Scanning all his mail

He tweaks his tweeps

Stands up and smiles,

“Can I help you please?”

She’d just had enough

and faintly smiled,

“I think I’ll take my biz

to that other guy.”

He looked kinda sad, says,

“Oh no please.

My manager’ll kill me.

My car’s on a lease.”

She stands there thinking,

“Should I give another chance?”

When all of a sudden,

he goes sorta pale

face twistin’ inward,

kinda like a snail.

She knew what was happnin

and headed for the door.

And sure ’nuff behind her,

He falls to the floor.

It’s an


funky instrumental

“Just a minute please,

this’ll only take sec

I really can’t afford it

I can’t fall into debt.”

But she was done

Yeah, she’d seen the sign,

She couldn’t stick around

on her time.

It’s an


funky instrumental


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Back in the RSS..?

rss copy

Huh? I’m just being stupid. Playing on the old Beatles song because I couldn’t think of anything else to call this post.

Just wanted to say that I probably will be emailing and posting less personal Facebook updates as I’ve come back to an old love… RSS feeds! I don’t know why I stopped looking at my feeds for so long. I suppose it had something to do with moving up to Windows 7 from WinXP a few years ago. My favorite feedreader (RSS Reader) used to work great on XP. Even better on Win98.

Anyhow, I managed to get it going on Windows 7 after downloading some old Windows supplements.

I love it! There’s something about finding alternative news in categories of interest that really turns my crank. Feels like you can weed thru all the crap and find the real story.

To make things even better, I’ve started up a new Facebook page and feed where I’ll be posting the stories. So you can see what I’ve been up to here (right column) and at earthpages.org and earthpages.ca.

I’m hoping, of course, this will increase my traffic, which has been holding steady but not quite bringing the house down.



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